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With a Pathfinder LA Pilot, now is the time to explore innovation in the Childcare Sector.

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Introducing the first localgov Childcare Planning Platform, with a trio of innovative modules

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COVID-19 is continuing to expose cracks and challenges in our society and supply chains, and childcare data infrastructure is no exception.

With the help of funding from Innovate UK, the UK’s Innovation Agency, Famiio has committed to exploring how innovation, collaboration and impartiality can improve government delivery of childcare and family information. This project is delivering a new platform to revolutionise localgov childcare market tools – with three novel modules that, when combined, greatly simplify the complicated world of childcare to parents, providers and local authorities.

Childcare Planning Module

Enables a local authority to deliver ‘automated childcare brokerage’, individual childcare plans, and a range of flexible childcare options, both for self-service by parents 24/7 and to practitioners across multi-agencies. A new ‘front-end’ empowering parents to thrive.

FIS Cloud (Datacore) Module

Underpins other elements of the Platform, enabling local authorities to collaboratively share childcare services data across systems and borders, whilst retaining governance and control of local records. This key module expands childcare data infrastructure significantly.

Market Insight (Analytics) Module

Equips a local authority with expert analysis tools that expose data insights specific to local and national childcare provision. Similar to a ‘daily’ Childcare Sufficiency Assessment (CSA), the module reports on supply and demand of childcare for ages 0-14(17).

"Nurseries, childminders and preschools are facing major financial uncertainty in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, with many unsure as to whether they’ ll still be able to operate next year.”

Sutton Trust, 2020

Family-focused, viable childcare plans to fit in with parents’ real lives

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The Childcare Planning Module includes:

  • Intelligent flexible childcare plans using real-time availability, times, transportation, costs, free entitlement hours and multiple ages of children, even across borders.
  • Parent notifications of changes to provider data that might affect their childcare choices.
  • Smartphone app for childcare providers to easily and quickly update childcare vacancies.
  • Progressive data collection for improved
    data from childcare providers.
  • Embedded flexible childcare search within any LA website via a Javascript SDK.
  • Proactive development of legislative changes regarding statutory duties, data, provision and information delivery.
  • Documented API covering planning data to enable LAs to build their own solutions.
  • And much more…

Improved childcare data infrastructure, quality, governance and sharing across LA borders

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The FIS Cloud Module includes:

  • Collaborative tenancy to provide cross-border data in a federative manner (enables LA’s to manage data sharing and governance across borders).
  • Cross-border collaboration of ‘adopted’, ‘fostered’ and imported records from other LAs and multi-agencies.
  • Complex data infrastructure necessary for flexible childcare search and discovery.
  • Delegation model to allow control over subsets of data by multi-agency partners.
  • Record duplication management, secure governance and crowd-sourced citizen error reporting.
  • Compliance with new Open Referral UK data standards (LGA / MHCLG).
  • Documented API covering enhanced childcare data model.
  • And much more…

‘Daily’ Childcare Sufficiency insights at your fingertips

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The Market Insight Module includes:

  • Heat maps of childcare availability per type, coverage times, flexibility and cost over time.
  • Comparison, correlation and trend analysis to show gaps in supply vs demand.
  • Visibility of available EEFE (Early Education Free Entitlement) hours per age group.
  • Enhanced SEND Childcare data and service provision mapping.
  • Automated monitoring of KPIs and goals (relating to childcare data and provision).
  • Monitoring ‘completeness and engagement’ of all service provider records.
  • Automated record data quality scores to support Family Information Service (FIS) data quality assurance.
  • Documented API to facilitate export to
    existing LA analysis tools for further
  • And much more…

Explore early engagement in childcare innovation

Get involved now and gain early access to innovative solutions that save time, money and waste. Contact Famiio today to secure a limited place on our LA pilot and help shape the future of localgov childcare delivery.

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We have appointed Pathfinder LAs for an innovation programme/pilot of our Childcare Planning Platform, as part of the funded project with Innovate UK.

We’re still keen to talk to other interested LA’s and stakeholders so we can build effective and collaborative data infrastructure across the childcare sector and realise benefits of technology, innovation and digital transformation in this under-funded area.  If that’s you, we want to hear from you.

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