A new childcare planning platform for flexible Childcare and Family Services

Famiio provides an easy-to-use online resource for parents to find reliable information for all their Childcare and family service needs in one place. Funded by Innovate UK, we are actively looking for pilot local authorities with which to partner.

Funded by Innovate UK

Easily search for and discover the services you need

This new innovative platform provides family members of all ages with a single source across England to find and access the right flexible childcare, family services and activities, without wasting time on multiple online searches or fruitless phone calls.

Famiio works across all borders, with a flexible and mobile-friendly interface, enabling 24/7 self-service by even the busiest of parents.

Service providers can promote all their services and activities in one place

Service providers can finally promote their whole offer from one online app, even across different venues (e.g. nursery chains) but discoverable on multiple portals across the country.

Service providers can promote all your services and activities in one place

Service providers will finally be able to promote their whole offer from one online app, even across different venues (e.g. nursery chains) but discoverable on multiple portals across the country.

FIS delivery ensures parents get trustworthy information

Local authorities benefit from reduced software costs and a modern, affordable and futureproof system, designed in partnership with their very own Family Information Service (FIS) staff.  Famiio aims to be the first system solution that meets the latest DfE guidance, fits new Ofsted data structures and complies with Open Data recommendations.

Famiio could save the UK
£3m-£160m per year

(by increasing citizen self-service and early intervention,
and joining up or replacing expensive legacy software)

The Only Family Information Directory You’ll Ever Need

Famiio is developing a full range of innovations never developed in a family information directory before.  These are the very features that parents have told the Department for Education they want.  We are aiming to feature more than 500,000 services in the next five years.

Contact us if you want to engage early, get involved or influence development.

Novel Searches

Famiio is equipped with a wider range of search facilities, including searching ‘on route’ and assisted search.

Data Analytics

Local authorities can automatically measure how well they are doing on data quality, the breadth of information they provide, and how they compare to other councils.

Multi-sided Platform

Famiio works for everyone – families, service providers, charities, local authorities, commissioners, agencies, analysts, regulators (e.g. Ofsted), etc. so that everyone benefits.

Personalisation, Participation & Engagement

Our platform enables local authorities to easily brand their portals, whilst giving common functionality to parents, so they can build confidence, tailor the platform to their needs, and avoid a postcode lottery of online directories.

Ethical Technology

Famiio is an ethical technology company, seeking to ensure your data and privacy, and our internal and external conduct is held up to the highest standards.  As part of this, we have recently had the privilege of becoming one of the first Trustworthy Tech Partners through Doteveryone.

Saving Taxpayers Money

Famiio is free to all parents at the point of use for ALL features.  At the same time, Local Authorities pay a single annual fee for both software maintenance and development, providing   receiving a futureproof solution.

Booking Services

Service providers can opt in to provide easy online booking services for parents, coupled with a novel Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that understands the complexity of Childcare regulations.

Smart Commissioning

Famiio features a range of analytical tools which enables commissioners of all flavours to analyse gaps in provision, export data for comparison in other systems, and access information as Open Data through an Open API.

In 2018, 37% of children in London lived in poverty, and it's still rising in 2020. Better access to flexible Childcare would reduce this.

Get involved / Get in contact

We’re interested in talking to the following people as we seek additional funding:

  1. Potential investors (particularly those interested in social impact investment).
  2. Local authorities (especially those keen to provide better digital services for less cost).
  3. Family Information Managers (seeking to provide better information to families through their specialist teams).
  4. Potential Famiio Champions (e.g. enthusiastic Parents, Service providers, Practitioners and Professionals who may wish to help and/or have an input/role on one of our volunteer design panels).

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